Why Inspire Fitness?

Mike and Jessica Ehrhardt, Chad Kroll
Co-founders Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness Personal Training Studio is the culmination of a vision we have been formulating over the last 20 years in the fitness industry.  Inspire is committed to shifting the paradigm of the typical big-box gym experience.  We are not a gym where you buy a membership, and are abandoned to achieve your health goals with no education, guidance, or experience. 

​Every individual is unique, both in terms of their metabolism, body type, exercise history, injuries and goals. We are a private facility dedicated to providing a welcoming and motivating environment, and the one-on-one attention we feel is required to achieve your fitness goals. We have carefully selected an elite team of knowledgeable and committed Certified Personal Trainers and 
Massage Therapists with over 75 years of experience.
Inspire offers fitness and nutrition programs specifically designed to effectively educate our clients to lead long-term healthy and happy lifestyles.

We change lives here at Inspire, one client at a time.
We are not offering quick-fixes. We are delivering transformation.