My transformation, Cynthia Reed

Did you ever think that you could change your story? I didn’t until I made it happen.  I like to say that I am 7 years old, because in 2010 I decided to make a change.   2010 changed my life and my original story forever.  I started that year at 207 pounds (my heaviest outside of being pregnant).  I was shocked and decided I had to do something different.  My goal at that time was to be 155 pounds and it took me 52 weeks to drop 52 pounds (lots of ups and downs in the process).  But I did it.  I was able to go from a size 18-20 down to a size 10.  Over the last few years I gained some of it back and stayed in my size 10 clothes and I was ok with that.  On Feb 6, 2016 at a routine doctor’s appointment a door was opened. During the visit (small talk) I discovered that he was a member here at Inspire, and he mentioned that they were looking for new trainers and the door to Inspire Fitness was opened.  Since then I’ve been a personal trainer at Inspire Fitness and yet was still settled on the belief that I would never get down to 155 again. 

Have you ever been around someone who could see your greatness more easily than you could see it in yourself? That was me.  I started training with Chad and during our weekly workout sessions I started to believe more and more that I could do it.  He had a vision for me, and it was up to me to see it, believe it, and do it.  So I decided in January to do a vision board.  On that board was a goal of 155 pounds or better.  That was my 1st step, seeing it.  March 16, 2017 is when I decided to “Make it Real”.  I started training to do my 1st fitness show. My starting weight was around 165.  I made small goals of 5 pounds at a time.  I cleaned up my diet even more, spent countless hours in the cardio room, training with weights, and tons of” I can do it”  talks with Chad and myself.  The show was June 10, 2017 and the closer I got to the show, the smaller I was getting.  I not only met my goal of 155 pounds but I exceeded it and got down to 138 (my leanest of my adult life!)  The show was amazing and I’m ready for another.  As the excitement of the show calms down, real life settles backs in and new goals have been established. 

I have been going to Inspire since December of 2010, and have been training with George. I have had various other trainers in the past at various other places, and I have to say George and the rest of the Inspire team are AWESOME! The results I have seen in my strength and muscle definition have been more noticeable since I started going to Inspire. I really enjoy the personal atmosphere, encouragement, and personal attention to my fitness goals that Inspire has to offer. They really do INSPIRE you to greatness!

What I like about Inspire is the flexibility to try out more challenging and radical exercises whether it's the various uses of TRX, or Kettlebells or BOSU balls, there is always a new exercise in the portfolio so that each and every muscle is worked on to achieve my fitness goals. I always look forward to my biweekly sessions because you never know what new challenging/radical exercise George will come up with!

In addition to personal training Inspire also has a massage therapist, Tracey; she is well versed with the type of massage your body needs depending on the type of exercise and training you do. I really have enjoyed my massages from Tracey; she's gotten rid of a few knots and relaxed some very tired muscles. It is convenient to schedule your personal training followed by a massage if you have the time.

I have had friends compliment me on the changes they have seen and ask what I am doing that's working, I tell them it's INSPIRE.

-Auristella M.

​Last year I was diagnosed as diabetic, I was 40 lbs overweight, I did not exercise at all and my eating habits were pretty much all fast food. At the advice of my doctor I had to make some changes or I risked a pretty bleak future. That got me off the couch and I started out slow. I changed my diet with much healthier food choices and I found that I really love to cook and I'm getting better at it. I also started working on losing the weight by walking every day. I started with just about of a mile a day and after a few weeks I was doing 4 to 5 miles a day and riding my bike again after years of it hanging up in my garage. In 4 months I had dropped 40 lbs and was down to about 135 lbs, but I felt kinda scrawny at that weight...even though it was an ideal weight for my frame. One thing I wanted to accomplish was to put on some muscle and get in better shape, and my doctor agreed that added muscle does wonders for diabetics as muscle burns sugar much more efficiently.

I have been a member of some big box gyms in the past and I never saw results from going. I would join and would work out for months and not see any changes. I tried working with a couple of trainers and did not get any results either. I later found that I was not doing the correct exercises and the ones I was doing I was doing wrong. I knew that if I joined a gym this time, it had to be different. If I did not see any results, I knew I would get discouraged and just drop out which happens with a lot of people who try to get into shape. I was doing research on which gym to go to and most of them just focused on the cost and membership terms when I went to talk to them. I was getting kind of discouraged by the whole process. Then one day I saw a commercial for Inspire Fitness and I figured I would give them a was the best decision I made. I spoke with Chad and he set my mind at ease. He did not even talk about membership or cost, he talked about what I wanted and what his team could do for me to help with my diabetes. He teamed me up with Steve and it has been nothing but great from day one! The whole team there is’s kind of like Cheers...everyone knows your name. The team is the friendliest around, they don't judge and they make working out fun. Steve is amazing, he changes up my workouts every time I go in so I don't ever get into a rut when working out and the intensity increases with each one. He watches me for the entire session and when my body tries to cheat as the exercise gets harder, he is there to make sure I'm doing it right to get the benefit of the exercise. He gives me advice on my nutrition and monitors what I'm eating to make sure I'm on track to see and feel the changes. His Saturday boot camps are a great way to round out the week also.

I have been working out with him for 6 months now so this is not just a quick review after a few workout sessions. In 6 months, I have added about 15lbs of muscle and I'm starting to actually see the changes in the mirror. More important I'm feeling them even more. I'm sleeping better and my energy level is way up. I don't just sit around looking at things that need to be done; I have the drive to get them done now.

I know it’s tough to commit and stick with it, but if you give these guys a shot, you will not be disappointed. I'm looking forward to the next six months and see what a full year will do for me. Do yourself a favor and give them a try....let them Inspire you.

-Charlie B.